Providing Futuristic Solutions to Patient Care

MedviewConnect Inc., is an innovative Telemedicine enabler, offering customizable Commercial and Direct-To-Consumer solutions.

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Our Vision

At MedviewConnect, our sole vision is to use technology to empower and enrich the lives of clients across the lifespan, by providing greater access to more affordable, higher-quality care.

MedviewConnect has the opportunity to innovate and work towards a proactive healthcare model in which technology enables more personalized experiences, access to better medical services, and better quality of living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve healthcare outcomes through human-focused technology by shifting from reactive to proactive, innovative products that provide value to all stakeholders and transform the way society experiences preventive healthcare.

Our Team

MedviewConnect’s management team has been involved with the telemedicine evolution in Canada from the beginning, launching “proof of concept” pilot programs for both retail and commercial applications.

MedviewConnect has formed strategic partnerships with key organizations whose expertise includes:

  • PCB Design, Prototyping & Quick Turn PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly and Production
  • UI/UX software Design & Architecture
  • Multi-touch projected capacitive touch sensors to deliver interactive solutions
  • Custom firmware and Embedded software for all types of devices & systems, custom cloud application that draw data from any device, sensor or database, integrating advanced analytics & machine learning